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Innovation Leader Assessment

Leveraging the latest research, Innovative Thought Assessments has developed an individual leadership assessment. Using attributes that academic research has identified as critical for innovation leaders, the assessment provides feedback to the individual and to the organization on strengths and weaknesses. This assessment can stand on its own or be used in a suite of evaluation tools in talent identification processes.

Personal environment assessment

This assessment takes a holistic approach to networking, looking beyond mentorship and career opportunities. Regardless of the organizational environment, leaders are able to create their own based on their network. This validated assessment will help leaders understand where they have strong network relationships that support their career and what relationships need to be built.

Innovative culture assessment

This robust assessment helps organizations identify strengths and weaknesses within their organizational culture. Looking at the key components of an innovative and creative culture, clients will get feedback on where they still need work. This assessment is customized to the individual organization to ensure that the current organizational cultural pillars are respected.

High performing team assessment

Innovative Thought has a proprietary model for team performance based on research both in business and elite sport. This model allows leaders to analyze the strengths and challenges and develop the pathway for improved performance. The assessment is based off that model and can be used with one team or with multiple teams within an organization.