Tiffany Mcneil

Strategic Advisor

Tiffany is a consumer-driven strategist with deep expertise in insights, brand strategy and human-centered design. Using the toolkit of those disciplinesr   Tiffany helps business leaders address strategic challenges and clarify direction. In her insights and strategy business, Tiffany works primarily with consumer-facing brands with a particular focus on helping high-growth disruptive brands strengthen their strategic foundations and plan for their futures.  

  • Led innovation strategy and insights for a large baby food brand that upended the category and was celebrated as one of America's most innovative companies.
  • Using the tools of consumer insights and human-centered design, guided an industry-leading, legacy architecture firm through the process of reckoning with the downsides of their culture and business model, and crafted a path forward to position the firm for continued and expanded leadership.
  • Developed strategic innovation pillars for outdoor sports and apparel company seeking to expand their leadership beyond winter as climate change increasingly threatens their core business.
  • Reenvisioned the role of innovation and insights within the talent group at a large professional services organization.
  • Led consumer immersion and pipeline development for leading organic feminine care brand. Trained the team on human-centered design and guided them through the innovation process.

Tiffany secretly holds a BA in Music from The College of WiIliam and Mary and was once an accomplished pianist and composer. She has run a handful of marathons and considers that fully out of her system, but she still thinks of herself as a runner. She loves to cook, eat, and sit in the sun. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband of 20 years and their teenager. She’s the short one in the family.