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Innovative Thought focuses on helping organizations become more effective and efficient through the development of their people. We start with the organization's strategy and the needs of their people to develop a unique developmental solution. Working from first principles allows us to build unique solutions to our clients issues and challenges while leveraging the experience and industry best practice that our team brings.

Innovative Thought can provide enterprise-wide solutions to many of the talent management problems that the present "knowledge company" faces. In the modern, global economy it is becoming more important for organizations to find, recruit and develop the industry best if they want to compete and at Innovative Thought we help our clients do that.

Innovative Thought works with researchers in academia, leadership and innovation to bring the latest thinking to their clients. Our experts have faculty positions at Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon University and with Executive Programs at the Penn State Smeal College of Business. We have worked with the Penn State Leadership and Innovation Lab and the Stony Brook University Leadership and Creativity Lab along with the Corporate Start-Up Lab. You can read about our research and how we apply it here.




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Areas of Practice


Organizations are struggling to drive growth and for many a focus on innovation is a key part of their strategy. We believe that your culture and people are key to creating sustainable innovation. Innovative Thought brings the latest academic research and assessments to our clients to help them develop an innovative culture and to enable their people to drive organic growth.

Leadership development

Innovative Thought takes a holistic view of leadership development, helping our clients transform the way they think about their role and the skills and behaviors required. We develop and facilitate workshops that are designed specifically for our clients that apply the latest in learner-thinking approach. These approaches are also used in our executive coaching approach.

High performing teams

Innovative Thought has a proprietary model for teams that has been tested in business and in elite sport. Leveraging the best practice from both arenas allows us to provide our clients with assessments, workshops and executive coaching that can take their team performance to an elite level.

organizational Development

As organizations change they often need an outside view and data to help support their change. Innovative Thought helps our clients to design organizations that meet the strategy of today and tomorrow. Using unique, custom-built assessments we provide data that informs the decisions that are being made.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin


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