leadership development

Innovative Thought enables our clients to develop the leaders of the future through a holistic approach.  Using experiential learning techniques and the latest research in learning, we bring impactful experiences to leaders to change their mindsets, develop their skills and enhance their performance.

The focus is always driven by organizational strategy and by the development of a leadership model that drives clear objectives.  The design approach is driven by the desire to see clear impact back at work and not just in the classroom.  This approach requires customization to maximize the impact of the learning and we do not offer any off the shelf learning programs.

Examples of our work:

  • Designed and delivered a multi-year senior leadership program for an insurance company.  
  • Designed a Strategic Innovation action learning project process for high potential directors at a major airline
  • Designed and supported the delivery of a multi-year Partner program for a large professional services firm
  • Designed and delivered a 2-day Leadership and Management program for a global consulting firm.