innovation leadership

The world is changing at a much faster rate than ever before, and organizations are struggling to keep up.  Innovation used to be a nice way to create growth but has now become a mindset that is required throughout the enterprise.  

Innovative Thought works with our clients to enhance their innovation capabilities both with their products and services as well as with their internal systems and capabilities. We focus on mindset, culture, people and process and applying the latest academic research and industry best practice to our clients.  Leveraging assessments, action learning, coaching and workshops, we have helped clients build confidence in their innovation capabilities and transform the way they work.

Examples of work that we have done include:

• Lead the design and development of an innovation capability within a human resource function

• Supported the design, development and implementation of a new growth function within a Fortune 500 CPG company

• Implemented a new innovation leadership approach for a large CPG company

• Created and supported the implementation of a new approach to product innovation within a Fortune 500 CPG company

• Support the innovation team of a large CPG to develop a new product that was recognized by Nielson as one of the top innovations of the year.